You're in good hands

Whilst we spend many hours training our members on how to play safely, how to take and make knocks whilst minimising injury,  and how to rest and recover after big matches, we are always aware it is a contact sport and accidents can happen.  This is why Sharks aim to have 2 rugby trained medics on the sidelines at every match.  

Our dedicated pool of volunteers have all passed First Aid In Rugby Level 1  and are equipped to effectively deal as a first responder to the typical injuries seen in rugby.  We are grateful for the support of Mediclinic UAE for supplying us with kitted out medic bags to make us even more prepared!

As a parent or player, it's important for you to know how to look after yourself after a big day at sport.  The links below have some invaluable information to ensure you rest and recover well and are ready to hit the ground running again asap!